Atsara nga! Breaking up with Umay

Atsara. It plays a vital role in our everyday hapag kainan experience. It is something we need to confuse our buds from the boredom of having the same taste in our tongue. Too much sweets, too much salt, too much cream and anything between.

At one point in our lives, we need atsara to break the monotomy. It is like breaking up with the kilig moments because you just find it not exciting anymore. It is finally listening to a new genre of music because your ears suddenly couldn’t stand its beat or rhythm. It is this thing that you always do and because it has become a cycle, you just find yourself looking for other things to do just so you could break out. Continue reading Atsara nga! Breaking up with Umay


Last December I devoured this particular book. I came across to every word. I made it sure that there are no ideas left unturned. Pages by pages I imagined pictures and started to see myself. It’s about personal finance and how to be financially literate. After reading that book, I did some ruminations. I cannot say that I am financially literate right away, but there is one thing that this book had taught me and that is how to be frugal. I have come to my senses that I buy things that are really not necessary. The idea of wants and needs was a blind spot. After reading this book, I can say that I have become conscious and  less impulsive in buying stuff. I begin to ask myself whenever there is a surge of wanting to buy. Do I really need this? Continue reading Ruminations

A Glimpse of the Past: Inside Angkor Wat

It was my first time to go out of the country. My first ever country to visit is Cambodia! I got to see the ancient world of Cambodia particularly the beautiful Angkor wat! It was such a nice experience to finally meet this gigantic edifice of the ancient world! Continue reading A Glimpse of the Past: Inside Angkor Wat