How To Work Legally in New York City (A Very Basic Guide to H1B Visa)

This video is pretty much the basic information on what did I do and did I have to be able to work and live here in New York, United States. I could say that I am so much blessed to be given an opportunity to be here in the United States. I was one of the million Filipinos who dreamt of living here in US. And finally, I am still in disbelief but I am here.

The work visa is called H1B visa. You can definitely have this visa if you have the basic requirements. Check out my video to have an idea. Maybe you have it too or maybe you have more! Isn’t it nice to be able to live and work here in NYC? Who knows maybe one day we will bump into each other! That would be super awesome!

Below are the requirements (based on my personal journey)

Sponsoring Employer

Education and Experience

Luck (Yes! You have it within!)

Documents Should be valid and in the correct order

Enough Savings to Start


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