Encountering the Great Pulag

I was supposed to be in Coron during APEC season, but unluckily the “no fly zone” was implemented. I immediately refunded my airfare. Instead of wallowing with Cebpac, I thought I need to have a getaway somewhere. By hook or by crook! Just in time, my friend Cyril Ang invited me to hike Mount Pulag with her friend’s friends. Basically, we were strangers. But I knew that breaking the ice wouldn’t be hard. After a while, everyone had loosen up because everyone had the same goal. We were really excited to finally meet the great Pulag. This was definitely going to be off my bucket list!

The Genesis Joy Bus transported us to Baguio. We got off at 1am and by 5am we were there already. We had to stop for a quick breakfast. And then our driver picked us up and traveled for 2.5 hours to the DENR office. It was actually my first time be in that province and boy, it felt like I was somewhere else! Breathtaking, beautiful and majestic view during our drive. If these were food, my eyes would have been really full. We had an occasional stop, (parang side trip) took picture and selfies with beautiful places in Mountain Province.  In the DENR office, we had to register and had seminar for about 20 mins. It is important to be informed at all times!

From DENR Office, another hour to Rangers camp where we had our lunch. It was around 1pm when we started taking the trek to Pulag. We had roughly four hours travelling to Camp site. Yes! it was the longest walk/hike I had. I was really sore and tired and the only thing that kept me going is the thought of finally meeting Pulag. Thanks for the breath taking view during our climb. It was such a great distraction to behold. It was a feast to our eyes. We got to the camp at around 5PM. We immediately set our tent and prepared for our supper and sleep.


I didn’t have much time to think about what to bring and what to wear. All i knew that it was going to be freezing during camp. And by freezing I thought just the ordinary February days where the snow in China are melting and that the wind will be really cold. That was my standard of freezing. But man! I didn’t know it was REALLY FREEZING. With all exaggeration I could get, it was indeed freezing. I was caught off guard to this. I just packed three shirts, two jackets, another pair of socks, shorts and two underwear. I also had a blanket. During sleep, I put on everything I could but to no avail the cold kept crawling into the crevices of my body. I was not able sleep at all. So I hope this will be a warning. hahahahah. Have a really nice suit that could warm you in a freezing cold.

Sunset in Pulag
It was for me the best sunset I have seen so far. The pictures did not do justice here. The colors in the sky were really magnificent!
Pulag at Night
It was a tsamba shot. It was indeed a nice shot. Was literally holding the camera for 10 seconds. Did some edit in photoshop!

We got up at 3:30am and started our journey to summit. It was two-hour trek. The freezing became manageable maybe because we were burning calories. :) We finally got into the summit at 5am. Many hikers were already there. All were so excited to be in this its-not-everyday-you-see- moments. I couldn’t exactly describe what I felt and what I saw. The photo’s were an understatement of what was Pulag that day. The sea of cloud had literally made me cry. It was the most amazing and most beautiful thing ever that my eyes had laid upon. #poetic

It was definitely a priceless experience. Unforgettable and something that i would never get tired of recounting. I ensured that I had the best songs played during our journey. So that every time I play these music i would stop, smile and revive that tiring and yet fulfilling climb to the mighty Pulag. It could be another list off my bucket but more than that is a rewarding experience that I would always want to do from time to time. Encounter with Pulag is an encounter with God’s greatness as well!

I was on top of the world!

What made the Pulag trip more memorable is because of these cool people! I love these guys!
What made the Pulag trip more memorable is because of these cool people! I love these guys!
This is my final glimpse of Pulag while descending to Campsite. Such a priceless experience.

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