Hurricane Irma and One Piece of Biscuit

Bathroom was the safest place to hide. That small cube albeit shaking was indeed the safest for us. Experiencing hurricane Irma will always remain as my one great story to tell! I was literally waiting to die. I gave up at that moment when my strength had dissipated pushing the window against the strongest and most violent wind I have ever encountered. I gave in. I told myself. “This is it, this will be the last of me!” I was so weak and just waiting for the wall to collapse. I close my eyes for a few seconds that seemed to be so long. I saw the biscuit and one part of me just flicked and said,

“No! You will not die today! Eat that freaking biscuit!”

This is a defining moment of how I am inside. I realized that sometimes we need be weak to scratch out and release the strength in us. We need to be nothing to realize how much we have wasted. We need to bleed so as to know that we are alive. There are so many paradoxical sentences out there but the point is as long as we are breathing there is always a chance to survive. We are allowed to get tired but never give up even at the slightest chance of surviving. There is always a glimmer of hope that we can hold on to.

I took a small bite of that biscuit, got up on my knees and started saving our lives by pushing board against the window, against Irma.

The silent witness are the rubble of this resort in Guana Bay
Still standing is the bathroom of this house after the hurricane
Some business establishment had to start all over again
Barely finished and yet Irma mercilessly destroyed major parts of this building in Maho.
A boat was washed away beside the airport.
Even trees and plants had nothing left except their twigs and branches!
A view from the hill – Colebay area
At Philippsburg, roof gone!
Shutters intact but roof gone


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