A Glimpse of the Past: Inside Angkor Wat

It was my first time to go out of the country. My first ever country to visit is Cambodia! I got to see the ancient world of Cambodia particularly the beautiful Angkor wat! It was such a nice experience to finally meet this gigantic edifice of the ancient world!

Before I just browse these pictures of temples in history books and right now I am actually laying my eyes on it. Too bad, I didn’t have the chance to pay for a guide because I was on a shoestring budget. But it was all right I thought I would have to brush off some dust in my Asian history.

Angkot wat is actually the largest religious temples in the world. It was created for the Khmer Empire during the 12th century. As I was touching the walls and stones I couldn’t help but imagine how many slaves got killed while building this? Hahahaha.. To think that the technology back then was really not advance, how on earth were you able to put up this  massive slab of stones?

Inside the Angkor wat, there are some inscription that I think speaks about the history of Khmer people. There are also some illustrations depicting the war during those period. I bet Cambodia was glorious during those period and probably regarded as the most powerful empire in the whole region.


Hey, I am not really good in taking shots in Gopro as well as in editing. hahaha. I guess I need to work on that more.

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