Atsara nga! Breaking up with Umay

Atsara. It plays a vital role in our everyday hapag kainan experience. It is something we need to confuse our buds from the boredom of having the same taste in our tongue. Too much sweets, too much salt, too much cream and anything between.

At one point in our lives, we need atsara to break the monotomy. It is like breaking up with the kilig moments because you just find it not exciting anymore. It is finally listening to a new genre of music because your ears suddenly couldn’t stand its beat or rhythm. It is this thing that you always do and because it has become a cycle, you just find yourself looking for other things to do just so you could break out.

I am working in a really nice company. I could never asked for anything. During my first month working as a finance analyst, i was really energetic and engaged. Everything was new to me. The set up was really cool because everything was easy. Everything was paperless. Months became year and work was just the same. I suddenly found myself dragging my feet to go to the office. I was so annoyed with my alarm clock and the snooze button was something I truly adored that time. Well until now naman. Hahaha..

I thought my life was boring. I beat myself up for not figuring my life out. Hahaha. That time I knew I needed an atsara in my life so bad! I needed a break. Just in time a group of friends messaged me about spending days in Calaguas island. (One of the best beaches i have been by the way!) I immediately said Yes in all forms and without reservation! And that was the best yes I gave that time. I enjoyed the beach and booze. I didn’t think about the monotonous life in the city. Just being laid back that time was really precious. Avicii was my ears’ constant companion!

Wake me up when its over, when im wiser and im older… all this time I was finding myself an I didn’t know I was lost…

Argh! Good times! Good times!
I was just excited to go back home and post pictures in fb and ig. I was stoked to go to office and share some nice pictures and stories with them. I was excited to go back. I was excited with my work again.

You see my point is you have to take a break from the cycle you’ve been into. If you are tired of climbing mountains, go and swim the beaches. If you are tired of singing, attend a dance lesson. If you are sick with the noise, go to church and find peace. Or just seek a place with utter silence. You’ve got to break out especially if you have been whining and complaining for quite sometime.

Indeed life is never linear! It has slopes. Remember the y = mx+b equation, where m is the slope.  We need “m” in our lives! Hahaha. The life that we have is the product of decisions we made. It is the result of convoluted series of events that we got ourselves into. Never say life is boring. We have the choice to spice it up a bit in a way that is fun and not painful.

This is my Atsara. The place where I broke escape the monotony of everyday life and work

Sometimes we have to choose getting lost just so we can find ourselves again. And that choosing to get lost could be the atsara we need in our lives or the “m” in our life’s equation for us to say that my life is well lived and worthy of remembering.

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