Last December I devoured this particular book. I came across to every word. I made it sure that there are no ideas left unturned. Pages by pages I imagined pictures and started to see myself. It’s about personal finance and how to be financially literate. After reading that book, I did some ruminations. I cannot say that I am financially literate right away, but there is one thing that this book had taught me and that is how to be frugal. I have come to my senses that I buy things that are really not necessary. The idea of wants and needs was a blind spot. After reading this book, I can say that I have become conscious and  less impulsive in buying stuff. I begin to ask myself whenever there is a surge of wanting to buy. Do I really need this?

I even remember a quote from Bob Ong’s book, “Huwag mong sanayin ang sarili mo sa mga bagay na kaya mo namang wala”. (Do not get yourself used to things that you can live without)

I have been relating this to my everyday spending. Yes, I decided to lower my expenses and so far so good. But along the way, this lowering-my-expenses thing has made me more appreciative of something that I have. I have casted out the shadow of oblivion with regard to my personal spending. Because I can finally tell if it is just a want or a need. It was really good indeed.


I realized that when you spend less you tend to appreciate what you have. You are now seeing that things that you have. Things that are still okay, things that are running out already and things that you have not been using for months. Simply put, contentment. Little things in life start to matter. You find joy in them and you give that an importance. I remember the picture seeing this people living in shabby houses in Payatas. These people have nothing and yet they still manage to smile as if they are the happiest in the world. Their smile are genuine and precious. And here we are complaining on things that are really petty. Someone has a problem with her new phone’s camera. Someone has a problem on how he is going to match his new pants with his shirts. So on and so forth. Everytime we complain on these kind of things, try to remember that other side of the picture. And I bet, this will make you even more thankful. Or maybe not. Hahaha 🙂

So every time I pass by the mall and see those latest gadget glaring at me, as if seducing me, I stopped and turned the idea down. Nah! I dont need that besides I still have one and still functioning the way it is. I am pretty sure I don’t need new replacement. (If someone will give me a gift.. will definitely grab it! hahaha).

Show more appreciation to these things that you have right now. It’s not bad to aspire for something great but not with unreasonable cost. What we have right now can be something we can use to be inspired and work hard.


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