Experiencing Tumalog: Ang Falls na Pa-fall

When you gaze Tumalog falls, in a matter of minutes you will find yourself in love with its beauty. After having sight of it, I was like ” Ay! Itong falls na ito, masyadong pafall” 

tumalog falls
Beautiful Tumalog falls will leave you jaws dropped as you gaze into its beauty!

While dipping-in in its really cold water, you will realize that a bond was created. The pale blue color of this natural pool will intensify your cravingsnot to mention the shallow waters because it is waistline deep.

Shower of love from heaven! So majestic! (the falls not me)

As you swim into the part where the nature showers from heaven, you will be fallen deeply in love.

Just how great God is for this wonderful creation

Quickly, its beauty will grow on you. You will find yourself humming lovesongs as you fully submerged into its being! ?❤️?

  • If you are into hiking, traversing the way to Tumalog falls is for you. It will take 30 to 45 minutes. Be sure to have enough water to hydrate yourself and strong legs is a requirement. Also, you can save money by taking the challenge especially if you are on a shoestring budget.
  • Oslob whale shark viewing area and Tumalog Falls drop off point is quiet near to each other.  Haggle with the habal habal driver as long as you can. 120 per head vice versa is their offer price. Better yet, you can burn calories by walking/running to falls. ?
  • Another option is you may take the bus off to Cebu just tell the driver to alight you off to Tumalog falls drop off point.
  • Tumalog falls does not have much water during summer. You may ask the locals or others who have been in the falls recently, they can give you information you need to decide whether to give it a miss or a hit.
  • If you have really nice camera, it would be even more awesome to capture the beauty of Tumalog. But any camera will do, whatever strikes your fancy.
  • I would suggest to take a plunge in the pool and shower in the falls. I saw some who did not experience swimming in it. Point is, its not everday you see this kind of jewel.
  • Most of all, do not do anything stupid like throwing rubbish, shouting,  vandalizing, etc.