Conquering Pinagbanderahan in Atimonan, Quezon

My typical Saturday would be just staying all day at home lying flat and sleeping. But it was not until one Saturday, while online in FB, I saw this feeds about Pinagbanderahan. I was amazed by the view, seems like they were up somewhere, you could almost see and touch the clouds. I immediately pinged my friends and wondered if we could spice up our weekend a bit. And was not disappointed at all. The next morning, we were as excited as hell. We met at SM Lucena and got off at around 9:30am.We paid 65PHP for the van transfer. You will know when you are approaching Pinagbanderahan if you kind of feel dizzy because of the zigzagy roads.  Continue reading Conquering Pinagbanderahan in Atimonan, Quezon

The Weekend Cap-off: Bantakay Falls

12274528_10153665263729361_4863855776975994559_nWhat could be more amazing than capping your weekend with a dose of adrenaline rush by jumping off from a falls? I finally had the opportunity to go and see Bantakay falls. For quiet some time it has been making a buzz in my facebook feeds. I got so jealous of my friends posting pictures of them with the Bantakay as their backdrop. To think that the place is just near my city.

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