New Chapter: New York City

So many random things just took place in my life for the last three years. And these random things are probably the highlights of my years.

I look back and it was indeed a hell of a ride! All i know was I enjoyed every moment. I endured every pain. I did not leave any stones unturned. I had a wonderful life in Sint Maarten, Caribbean (Gosh! I miss the island so bad!) for almost couple of years. I experienced a monstrous hurricane and thought I would be dead during its passing. We were able to survive. I endured weeks of not having a decent bath! Yeah you can laugh at me ? ? But good things sometimes need to end.

Leaving SXM was freaking hard for me. I had a wonderful life there. It is #livingthelife. I had amazing friends from different countries. I had nice experience. I learned so much. I was safe there. It was my comfort zone. I had a nice company. I am pretty sure someone would exchange for my slot just to be in the caribbean. It was pretty tough decision. Something in my inner mind just tells me to grab it.  My closest friends just advised me to leave the island for a while and pursue for something greater. I cried (drama!) and left the island but made a promise to go back and even considering to retire there.

Anyway, here I am actually a month old working and living in the city in what they refer to as “THE BIG APPLE” ?. Yes! If you can make it here, you can make it everywhere that’s what they say. (Alicia Keys.. move over!) NEW YORK! ? ?

This is in front of Rockefeller Center.

One month is too soon to summarise NYC. But base on what I had so far, she is crazy amazing! It feels like I am in a youth camp where everyday there are a lot of activities that are just tempting for me to go and participate. It is a never ending possibilities on ways to enjoy and see its beauty.

In the street you hear a lot of different languages! You see different kind of faces in subway. You see different ways on how they run to catch up their morning schedules. Everyone in the city just minding their own business and maybe that is their way of celebrating being in the concrete jungle.

The Financial District behind the famous Brooklyn Bridge!

The food are amazing, the Halal of food truck in 3rd avenue was super nice.  Deli burgers are delicious too. There are a lot of choices. Name it, they have it! Crazy right?

Up close and personal with Brooklyn Bridge

Most of all are the places to visit. The parks are beautiful and you can tell that they are really being taken care of. It feels weird when you actually see the places you just saw in movies before. Different places have a special history and it just makes it more beautiful and amazing!

Lady Liberty must be really tired.
The famous Radio City but I really dont know why it is famous! heheheh I will google it later.
The Flat Iron Building. Very impressive!
Central Park!

New York takes the cake! But it is pretty expensive! So I have to be wise everyday! But there are a lot of freebies as well. So I enjoy the city in the most economical possible way.


I will be digressing okay. But I guess what I want you to realize is that, it is never too late to dream and never too late to work for it. Never stop dreaming. When opportunity comes just grab it. It will be really hard but it will be worth it in the end. Sometimes we need to make tough decisions and get out of our safe circles but that is just how life is. It is made up of decisions no matter how big and small they are. We are a product of our decision and what we basically put in our mind and believe.

New York is another place. Who knows I could be somewhere else sometime in the future. But you know what? I just live in the moment. Just enjoying every second of the “NOW”. So yeah! 




Hurricane Irma and One Piece of Biscuit

Bathroom was the safest place to hide. That small cube albeit shaking was indeed the safest for us. Experiencing hurricane Irma will always remain as my one great story to tell! I was literally waiting to die. I gave up at that moment when my strength had dissipated pushing the window against the strongest and most violent wind I have ever encountered. I gave in. I told myself. “This is it, this will be the last of me!” I was so weak and just waiting for the wall to collapse. I close my eyes for a few seconds that seemed to be so long. I saw the biscuit and one part of me just flicked and said,

“No! You will not die today! Eat that freaking biscuit!”

This is a defining moment of how I am inside. I realized that sometimes we need be weak to scratch out and release the strength in us. We need to be nothing to realize how much we have wasted. We need to bleed so as to know that we are alive. There are so many paradoxical sentences out there but the point is as long as we are breathing there is always a chance to survive. We are allowed to get tired but never give up even at the slightest chance of surviving. There is always a glimmer of hope that we can hold on to.

I took a small bite of that biscuit, got up on my knees and started saving our lives by pushing board against the window, against Irma.

The silent witness are the rubble of this resort in Guana Bay
Still standing is the bathroom of this house after the hurricane
Some business establishment had to start all over again
Barely finished and yet Irma mercilessly destroyed major parts of this building in Maho.
A boat was washed away beside the airport.
Even trees and plants had nothing left except their twigs and branches!
A view from the hill – Colebay area
At Philippsburg, roof gone!
Shutters intact but roof gone


Happy Bay in Saint Martin

Happy Bay is one of my favorite beaches in the island. Only a handful wants to go there. Maybe because it requires much effort. There are two ways to go, drive further past the left turn to Friar’s bay or go to Friar’s bay and hike. I prefer the hiking. There are no commercial business in the place, maybe only one. There are no loud music as I believe there are no electricity there. So if you want to have a relaxed beaching and have a nice sun bathing without much disturbance, try Happy Bay.

PS. Clothing optional! 🙂

On the way to Happy Bay, you will encounter a lot of Tamarind trees!

This is the view of Friar’s bay!

Be happy in Happy Bay! Some remnants of last month’s SXM Festival still.

The sound of blue waves kissing the white sands of Happy bay is everything!

Another take on Friar’s bay.

If you love me, then embrace me! Love, Cactus! Corny level 889

Some folks sailing in the Bay of Happy Bay!

Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of sleeping in the branches!

SXM Festival. This serious looking Easter Island statue is all alone.
Meanwhile, here is the video I made during my hike to Happy Bay.

PS. Please bear with the video. I am a beginner in video editing.


St. Martin and St. Maarten

St. Martin pertains to the French portion and St. Maarten pertains to the Dutch portion. Living in this beautiful island is wonderful. Beautiful beaches and amazing view, these are just two of the things that the island can offer!

Majestic view of Great bay in Philippsburg, St. Maarten
Cirrus clouds in above Welfare road in St Maarten
Instagram worthy pic! The view of Simpson bay lagoon.
Beautiful clear water of cupecoy in St. Maarten
Random picture somewhere in the island 🙂
This is at the rightmost part of Mullet bay.
This is during SXM Festival in Happy bay, St. Martin
Coconut tree in Happy Bay
At the spotless beach of Long bay in St. Martin
Beautiful church in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten
What a nice view of the lagoon in Cupecoy
The doors of Cupecoy in St. Maarten
This the rocky portion of Friar’s bay. Be careful with sea urchins
Friar’s Bay in St. Martin
Mullet Bay’s water is crystal clear!
The view of Simpsons bay!
at the port in Marigot, St. Martin (french side)
The lagoon view in Marigot St. Martin
Sunset watching in Maho beach in St. Maarten

Sunset in St. Maarten

Some random sunset I took here in Sint Maarten (Dutch Side) and St. Martin (French Side). I used IphoneSE.

In here, I cover the lens with the sunglass. It looks great though.
This is in Happy Bay
View in my balcony
Another shot from my balcony
My favorite shot. This was taken in Cupecoy beach