The Weekend Cap-off: Bantakay Falls

12274528_10153665263729361_4863855776975994559_nWhat could be more amazing than capping your weekend with a dose of adrenaline rush by jumping off from a falls? I finally had the opportunity to go and see Bantakay falls. For quiet some time it has been making a buzz in my facebook feeds. I got so jealous of my friends posting pictures of them with the Bantakay as their backdrop. To think that the place is just near my city.

Bantakay is located in Brgy. Sta. Catalina, Atimonan, Quezon. So it is a 30-45 minute drive from Lucena City. There is a small signage “Bantakay Falls” along the highway. For me, the signage is not really noticeable. Also, it is facing north, so if you are from Manila bound to Bicol, you won’t see the signage. If you came from Bicol and have a great pair of eyes, you will see it. But suggest that tell manong driver to drop you off to Bantakay Falls.

This is where I took a huge jump! You need to climb into a right side. The height is about 2 story building. Please be reminded that there is no turning back! Once you got into the platform, you have no choice but to jump!! It is more dangerous to go back. Take a plunge! It will be so much fun! Guaranteed!

Near the signage is the registration site, you will need to fill up some of your information. For tourism purposes, I think. There is no registration/entrance fee for this. Yey! If its your first time you will need a “mandatory” guide – 300PHP. But I think its better to have guide and it is not a waste of money!

Prior going to Bantakay, it is important to consider the weather. Well it is just easy, if it rained hard last night, or it is raining today, please bear in mind that the trail will be very slippery and muddy. A good and sturdy pair of sandals. On occasion, you will meet a horse carrying logs. hahaha.

After that atleast one hour trek, a beautiful water landscape will greet you! Yes, after a tiring walk here comes the prize! The beautiful Bantakay falls. I can’t help but take off my clothes and splashed into the cold and refreshing waters.

Below is the third layer of the falls. It is so inviting. I cant help but be mesmerized by it. In the right side of this falls, there is a potable water. Our guide drank its water and told us that it is clean. But I didn’t bother to drink. hahaha.12289549_10153665293999361_5349663472073124852_n (1)

That jacuzzi vibe… the second falls Bantakay! The water coming from above can be a good way to massage your back. It is so relaxing and surely all the stress in your body will be gone! (parang nageendorse lang)


Take a look:

  • Bantakay's Welcome Greet
    Bantakay's Welcome Greet
    This is what will greet you after a very tiring hike.
  • That Calming sound
    That Calming sound
    Hey, it is not everyday you will experience nature at its best form so might as well fell every beat and sound of it!
  • Nature's Jacuzzi
    Nature's Jacuzzi
    Really a nice feeling after letting the water massage your back!
  • My favorite spot!
    My favorite spot!
    This is actually my favorite spot. Behind me there is a cave like thing.. i went inside and the water feels so magical!
  • Thumbs up!
    Thumbs up!
    You cant help but approve Bantakay's irresistible beauty.
  • For Profile Pic
    For Profile Pic
    This is something that seems natural to everyone, taking selfies especially if behind this amazing falls!

9 thoughts on “The Weekend Cap-off: Bantakay Falls”

  1. Hello Ghatz! Wonderful blog… will definetely watch out for your adventures! Looking foward to have a get-away with you and friends so I can also see my face here! bwahahaha

    1. Thanks much! We have to discover some of La union’s best destination as well as Baguio. You can show me what’s around and some of the best undiscovered places in your place! hehehe

  2. Congrats The Great Ghatzby! So happy to see you living a wonderful and well balanced life! You may not know it but you just reminded me that life is a gift and I should enjoy every moment of it. You’re an inspiration, my dear friend. Keep it up!

  3. Ghatz super nice, thats super cool!! Being tourist to our own land is such amazing!!! I’m so happy to know that ur really loving our mother nature…so proud of u bro!! Hope someday I’ll be part of your journey… Life life to the fullest!! Embracing mother nature!!!???

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